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Our e-learner platform is a glimpse of an evolved learning mechanism that allows students and professionals to complete preferred learning programs at their own convenience from their personal electronic devices. Wave goodbye to traditional blackboards, pesky markers and classroom based methods. The e-learner makes learning simple, easy and effective so that students and professionals can focus on learning while employers or educational visionaries can focus on teaching.

Product Features

Features dedicated to empowering educational objectives while driving continuous improvement.


Organised Modules

Modules that contain lessons for each section, add lectures, seminars, presentations, notes and more.


Quiz Away

Add quizzes to be completed post-lesson and monitor comprehension.


Reward Progress

Certificates awarded at the end of each module provides incentive.


Personalised Touch

Students can create accounts to save worksheets and progress for effective learning.


Track Performance

Ability to track the performance of students and understand their weaknesses and strengths.



Ability to work, study and learn in a number of different languages.

Why Us?

We are facing a future that will be digital by default. Millennials and digitally native Gen Z’s are turning online for their learning fix. As a user-driven technology company, we feel that learning is undergoing a rapid digital transformation as we speak. Hence, to be ahead of the curve, it’s a matter of adapting to these changes. Momentro prides itself in creating user-centric solutions that are practical, and conversion focused. Our e-learner is currently being used by various verticals, from global enterprises aiming to empower their sales teams to educational institutions hoping to streamline their learning.

Transforming Partner Education

Invisalign is a globally renowned braces company based in Singapore. They are using the Momentro e-Learner to educate the doctors, clinic staff and Invisalign sales representatives across 14 countries in Asia in their own languages.Their current solution consists of,

  • Modules containing lessons for each section.
  • Quizzes to cover each module.
  • Certificates awarded end of each module.
  • User progress tracking

They have enabled the resources sharing capability to share all their downloadable resources managed by respective country manages.


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