Keells Story

Keells is Sri Lanka’s leading supermarket brand.


Keells is one of the largest retail supermarket chains in Sri Lanka. Owned by John Keells Holdings, Keells is well known as being a one-stop-shop for all your grocery and household needs. With locations spread throughout the island, it is the premier choice for many Sri Lankans, boasting an impressive loyalty programme of over 2 million users.


Improving their digital branding based on consumer wants and needs. Our team developed content that helped Keells innovatively conquer the digital sphere. In addition to ongoing monthly content pieces, we worked on their conversion strategy through a people-based lead generation programme. In addition to this, we increased the contactable database volume. We were the main driving forces behind their e-commerce business as their main priority was to drive sales and traffic online.


Road to digital dominance unlocked! 

  • We analysed their loyalty trends and created segmented groups based on various combinations and used those segments to create smart ad groups on social media in order to create a larger high converting targetable audience pool.
  • 20% increase in sales year on year
  • Increased conversion rates by 32%


Use case
Digital dominance

Increased annual turnover

Key product components
Social media, content development, digital rebranding