The QV Story

QV is an Australian made and owned skincare company.


QV is Australian made and owned and is a local favourite due to their use of gentle and pure formulations. The company takes great pride in the fact that their formulations use no soap, fragrance or other common irritants. QV Skincare supports the skin in its natural form, encouraging self-repair to heal the skin. QV Skincare remains suitable for everyday use for everyone ranging from babies or infants to adults.


Through past data, QV knew that customers who used a trialled pack converted at a much higher rate than the rest. The key challenge for QV was to drive users to pharmacies and stores in Singapore in order to increase trial pack consumption and to connect the online and offline customer journeys.


Increasing trial pack usage and connecting online/offline customer journeys.

Team Momentro provided QV with a Micro-Moments mapping strategy that not only helped them drive more footfall for trial packs but also helped them connect the online/offline funnels through a unique tracking mechanism. 


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Online/Offline customer journey mapping

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