Your personal growth hacker

The world’s first Micro Moments based growth platform thats changing the world of marketing.


Precision targeting tools that helps reduce the cost of acquisition


Connecting the front end with CRM to close the customer conversion loop.


Unified reporting platform for marketers who are not so data savvy.

War Room

Affordable multi touch CRM platform

We don’t believe in any hidden fees and exorbitant pricing per contact. The War Room is a one of a kind affordable CRM platform that combines online as well as contact/call centre touch points that’s closing the loop in marketing.

Big Ben

Unified intelligence for not so data savvy marketers

We understand google analytics and other data platforms can be daunting, especially when it comes to deciphering the data.Big Ben is a smart data visualiser that connects all your data sources and tries to provide a single customer view.


Digital Marketing forensics to get you started

Getting started in digital marketing and don’t know what to do?
We believe that your existing customer data is the best place to figure out where your potential customers are. Try frogment to leap frog on your digital marketing journey and to generate new leads for your business.


Improving the quality of the leads you generate

The GColider is a smart tracking tool that connects google analytics your CRM and google tag manager in order to identify high converting leads and helps reduce low converting ad groups that in turn helps brands reduce the cost of acquisition of their digital campaigns.