Digital Strategies for 2020 and Beyond!

Digital Strategies for 2020 and Beyond!

December 30th, 2020 by chamod tharuka

Tackling digital for many brands hasn’t always been a priority. But 2020 is the year many brands face a ‘digital dilemma’. Ignoring digital trends and being content with lacklustre strategies can cause detrimental consequences to your brand, business and eventually its survival. 

‘Getting with the times’ is no longer a suggestion but a necessity. Considering our current socio-economic climate audiences are turning towards digital media for their entertainment and education. Converting customers into sales is essential for profitability; this is why we’ve come up with a conversion strategy planned specifically for 2020 and its unique hurdles. 

Our approach is based on three main pillars:

  1. Positivity 
  2. Conversation
  3. Conversions

Our pillar of ‘positivity’ focuses on providing consumers with messaging that strives to inspire and uplift. It is no secret that we are experiencing unprecedented levels of uncertainty and negativity looms ahead for all businesses and brands. Consumers are constantly being bombarded with negativity; whether it is through the harsh actualities of current affairs or future predictions, many are sick of the bleak reality that awaits us all. 

As a brand, enforcing a theme of overall positivity through your content can capture the interest of many consumers. Turning toward positive, practical messaging is sure to benefit you in the long run. There are many ways in which you can tackle this. For example, changing your tone in the short-run, boosting creative content and attempting to have a more active social media presence are a few changes that can have a lasting impact on your audience. 

A conversational tone, filled with empathy and understanding, can highlight how your brand cares more about your audience than about merely making a sale. A savvy consumer is bound to take note of this and is more likely to opt for your brand in the future simply since you have now positioned yourself as a more personalised brand. Genuine human connection is more powerful than any marketing campaign. 

Social media is being used as a source of communication but also as a means of ‘news’. Since offline behaviour will begin online, using social media as a network to convey relevant and accurate information is in your best interest. Bring your business to them, inform them of the latest product updates, offers and keep them continuously involved. Keep in mind that creating hype around information is key. Think of weekly news bulletins, FB events, online product launches and even virtual showrooms!

Conversations are another pillar of importance. How many times have you made a spontaneous decision on a big purchase? You’ve likely asked opinions, researched, read reviews and questioned the value and necessity of your purchase. By opening dialogue as a brand, your customer can directly reach out to you for the most accurate information. Most decisions are made online; our advice is to be ready for an online conversation with a potential customer. Whether this is as a helpful online assistant, a chatbot ready to direct your customer to necessary resources or a forum for open dialogue is up to you.

The last pillar of our strategy relates to conversions. Conversions are the final part of your sales funnel and are very important as finding more ways to improve business conversions means positive cashflow for your business! You need to be at the top of your game in terms of organic and paid search traffic as searches are a sure-fire way for you to convert customers into business as the intent to buy or the last moment of truth can be captured quite accurately here. Amplifying search marketing activities and thinking about expanding your market beyond your immediate locality will serve you well in the long run. 

2020 is the year that digital has become the norm; our offline behaviour is now dictated with what we do online. Following our strategy is sure to position your brand at the forefront of digital marketing. Get ahead of the curve by getting yourself digital-ready today!