Coopervision Story

CooperVision is a global soft-contact lens manufacturer.


CooperVision, Inc. is a business unit of The Cooper Companies, Inc. It is a company focusing on manufacturing soft contact lens. Founded in 1980 the company has its headquarters in Pleasanton, CA. Its products are sold in over 100 countries and are recommended by doctors and opticians worldwide.


Building a lifestyle based lead qualifying platform. 

CooperVision has a wide range of lenses but experienced a dip in sales. We needed to engage customers while creating a self-awareness platform to increase sales and brand knowledge.


Lifestyle based customised sales platform.

We created a lifestyle based self qualifying platform that helped customers to self solve and identify specific vision problems. Personality quizzes and other user answers helped us to suggest suitable contact lenses for them. For example, outdoor lovers and gamers alike have different products for each of them. These quizzes helped consumers understand our ranges in more detail. 

They also get free eye test vouchers during the experience that can be redeemed from partner stores. 

An automatic response also goes to various distributors informing them of the voucher codes for online to store tracking. This helped CooperVision connect their online and offline funnels.

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