Keethings Story

Keethings specialises in 'industrial internet of things'.


Keethings is a technology company based in the US that develops tools to optimise workflows between machines and humans (Industrial Internet of Things). Keethings was founded to help operations and manufacturing staff to become more efficient in their problem-solving abilities and achieve greater operational equipment effectiveness.


Coming to us as a start-up company, Keethings wanted everything. From brand guidelines to product videos and templates for their launch. This was a unique situation where we went above and beyond the duties of a traditional digital agency.


Positioning keethings as a thought leader in the space of IIOT.

We helped Keethings to set up their digital presence and created a content strategy to help position them as thought leaders in the IIoT space. Additionally, We created a wide range of materials for them and helped them take their start-up to the next level.

Internet of Things

Use case

Positioning as a thought leader

Key product components
Content creation, SEO audit