The MagicBox Story

MagicBox is Singapore’s solution to an ideal gift.


MagicBox is excellent for a meaningful gift that goes beyond a traditional gesture. An innovative startup based in Singapore, the company is trying to redefine the art of gift-giving by ‘packaging’ various experiences. With the advent of the millennials, there has not been a much more suitable time.


One of the main goals of the client was to help them update their current web presence to be solidified in terms of UX. The client came to us with a half-completed platform which wasn’t efficiently executed and hindered them from launching their product and launching it. We helped them revamp their platform and run campaigns to help market the product. After completing the initial test run during peak seasonal periods, we planned an end-to-end platform from architectural design to user learning that will take them to the market.


Experiential gift-giving is born!

  • Over 90% YoY increase of incremental sales
  • Website integrations and upgrades including CRO
  • Integrated marketing campaign to generate leads and purchases
  • Backend services implementation (reporting dashboards, CRM)
  • Automated order process with high levels of success.

Gift services

Use case
Platform development

Power growth

Key product components
Web UX, Backend CRM