Pharmaceutical Marketing Story

Invisalign is a treatment that helps straighten teeth.

A leading global biopharmaceutical company that has ‘been inventing for life for centuries


We worked for a biopharmaceutical company that brings forth medicine and vaccinations for the world’s most challenging diseases. They aim to offer innovative health solutions and increase access to healthcare. In Malaysia, they have a special site in EN and BM that relates to HPV and is focused on creating awareness and encouraging positive health practices. Their awareness-based website was launched to educate Malaysian women about their risk for HPV and cervical cancer, and encourage them to take action through vaccination and screening.


Raising awareness about HPV and Cervical Cancer and encouraging Malaysians to take action

Our primary objective was to increase awareness about HPV and Cervical Cancer while encouraging people to speak to a doctor and visit their local clinic for screening and vaccination.


Awareness and action generated!

We carried out digital campaigns to increase awareness and goal completions, including running SEM in EN and BM, GDN ads, responsive display ads, Facebook/IG post campaigns that were boosted and FB/IG Traffic ads. Our team also carried out various CRO tests to increase conversions. This included: changing the speak to a doctor web page layout to encourage goal completions on the client’s ‘find a clinic’ page and encouraging users to start a conversation with our resident chatbot, who would answer any questions related to HPV and Cervical Cancer


Use case
Proxy Marketing

Creating a GTM channel for Pharma Marketing

Key product components
Owned Media, Facebook, Instagram, SEM