The Honeywell Manufacturing Story

Invisalign is a treatment that helps straighten teeth.

Honeywell is a global giant that keeps over half a billion workers safer and more productive with voice-enabled software, barcode scanners, mobile computers etc.


Honeywell aims to transform the way the world keeps itself safe. With headquarters in the US, Honeywell has been innovating for over 100 years. They dedicate themselves to exploring efficient and cutting-edge technologies and are involved in the safety and productivity space..


Bringing B2B stories to life through innovative digital content.

Our team was tasked with creating digital-friendly content that appeals to Honeywell’s niche B2B buyers. We did this in the form of infographics, brochures and animated videos.


Awareness and Inquiry Generation.

Honeywell Productivity and Business Solutions group were planning on a ‘return to work’ campaign for their customers and prospects and required targeting four key sectors in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand in order to generate awareness while generating inquiries and leads. Our team targeted a range of relevant buyers, from the transport and logistics tech buyer to the traditional retail tech buyer to help Honeywell meet their targets. Our team helped them deliver this key message through LinkedIn and Google’s Display Network and were able to maximise reach to influence consideration and direct traffic to their microsite for lead capturing.

Manufacturing (Safety & Productivity Solutions)

Use case
B2B Content Generation

Bringing B2B Marketing to Life

Key product components
Animations, White Papers, Infographics