CRM that powers conversions. Built by marketers, for marketers. Ready to close that deal?


Carpe diem! Stop wasting time and get ahead of the curve. Our Lead Magnet is the gift that keeps on giving. Combining all the traditional features of a CRM tool with specially customised hallmarks of innovation, Momentro’s Lead Magnet lets you focus on what matters. From a start-up to a seasoned marketing team, our Lead Magnet is a necessity for any marketing arsenal.

Product Features


Manage Deals and Optimize Lead Performance

View sales pipeline information while tracking lead conversions right up to the agent level.


Track Communications and Gather Insights

Maintain full visibility and control of all communications and generate bird’s-eye view style reports.


Round-Robin Lead Allocation

Organised and streamlined lead allocation.


Agent Performance Analysis

Individual agent performance evaluations.


Bottleneck Identification and Revenue Recognition

Assessing workflow delays while connecting revenue from a customer to a lead

Why Us?

Our solutions are built by marketers for marketers. We’ve heard, read and tried everything you have. Take it from us, we know the importance of a good CRM tool because we built this as a solution for a problem faced by one of our clients. It is vital for us to be able to evaluate our lead performances whilst closing that pesky ‘customer loop’. We are aware of barriers facing businesses to scale due to a lack of customer information because we have been there. 

This is why we built the first conversion-focused platform on the market to help many businesses that need to get their customer relationship story to the next level.

CRM that doesn’t break the bank

Transparency in all we do. Pay only for what you want

Trial (30 Days)

Up to 200 Contacts

1 Admin

1 Data Entry User

1 C-Level User

Sales Support Available


Plan 1

Up to 1,000 Contacts

1 Admin

Up to 2 Data Entry Users

Up to 2 Sales Users (Branches)

1 C-Level User

Sales Support Available


Plan 2

Up to 10,000 Contacts

Up to 2 Admins

Up to 6 Data Entry Users

25 Sales Users (Branches)

Up to 3 C-Level Users

Connect to Call Center Management App (Automated)

Access and Integration to Conversion Optimiser (Plan 2)

Sales Support Available


Plan 3

Up to 100,000 Contacts

Up to 4 Admins

Up to 10 Data Entry Users

50 Sales Users (Branches)

Up to 5 C-Level Users

Connect to Call Center Management App (Automated)

Access and Integration to Conversion Optimiser (Plan 2)

Sales Support Available

Campaign Optimisation Advice


Success Story #1

Offline begins Online.

Read about how we helped a large bathware manufacturer; Rocell, map and optimise their customer marketing funnel through Momentro’s Lead Magnet. We provided them with:

  • Convenience- All leads in one place
  • Tracking- Ability to track revenue up to marketing campaign level
  • Reports- Intelligent management reports
  • Intelligence- Smart insights for optimized marketing efforts
  • Information- Geo-location based ROI

” From running lead campaigns with seasonal offers and other promotions, Momentro’s Lead Magnet helps compile all collected customer information into an easy to access dashboard for Rocell. Marketing efforts can be focused on best performing campaigns, call centre managers and agents can coordinate with ease and the business is able to boost its overall productivity and efficiency. We did all this and more for Rocell. “

We get it, we wouldn’t believe a well-crafted sentence on the internet either. Let one of our conversion specialists take you through the platform and if you are kind, we will give you a free trial too. We won’t bite. Promise.


Talk to us. We’d love to hear from you. Whether it is a question about our products or to ask us what we had for lunch. You can contact us below.