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From fluff to reality


From fluff to reality

The evolution of tech is inevitable. The metaverse alone is expected to grow over $800 billion in value by 2028, and innovative uses of AR, VR and blockchain technologies are opening the doors to new horizons of the digital realm. We have long anticipated the shift into Web 3.0 and are positioned alongside other early adopters to incorporate the immense possibilities of this new technology into our marketing strategies.

Marketing In The Metaverse

Our advent into
Web 3.0 has begun

Dúté Island

Trade Precious Stones Backed
By Secure NFTs

We created the world's first Gem and Mining Registry that converges the digital and physical worlds with a tokenized NFT marketplace. Dúté Island uses blockchain technology to provide both provenance and security, alongside web system algorithms that provide a digital certification for precious stones. This level of accountability and verification is a transformation for the industry, preparing it for the digital demands of the future.

Into The Melbourne Polytechnic Metaverse

The Poly Game

As part of a campaign to drive quality leads, we developed a web app based game that invited prospective students to explore a virtual map of the Melbourne Polytechnic campus. It was an immersive experience where players helped a bird named Poly get through tasks that tested their knowledge about the institution, relevant subjects and Melbourne city. The campaign was popular among our intended demographic, uplifting brand image while generating a high volume of leads and also bringing Polytechnic to the top of organic SERP.

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