We are on a mission to democratise data for marketers, agencies and brands. Our platform is designed by marketers for marketers minimizing the need for technical knowledge to access and interpret data.

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On average a marketer spends over 48 hours to collect the data they need for planning. Sometimes even more. Momentro does it in 5 mins

Our Approach to
Marketing Strategy


A deeper understanding of your target audience is the starting point of any sound marketing strategy. And a persona analysis is the stepping stone for this. We go beyond traditional persona analyses by deep diving into your audience's online behavior, social behavior, and pain points. You’ll not only know who your audience is but also where and how to effectively target them.


"Search speaks louder." In the digital age, search is a powerful tool for understanding your customer’s intent. That's why Share of Search is an integral part of Momentro's marketing strategy framework. when applied correctly, it can also serve as a valuable measure of market share and the ever-evolving dynamics of your industry.  


In the fiercely competitive business landscape, it's essential to recognize that your competition plays a significant role in determining your brand's market share, growth, and ultimate value capture. As such, a comprehensive competitor analysis is a cornerstone of your marketing strategy.


Momentro will tell you if your content architecture is sound or not. And figure out the right content to engage your audience. This strategic and tailored approach, ensures that your message stands out amidst the clutter and resonates with your audience on the platforms they hang out.

Influence & amplification

In today's dynamic consumer landscape, it's crucial to harness the power of creators. Consumers no longer listen to corporate messaging as they once did; they now turn to influential figures and peers for guidance. We identify the sectors that matter most to your brand and pinpoint the key influencers who hold the trust of your audience.

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