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Core Features

Understand your audiences better

Behaviour meets demographics! 
Have you ever questioned the usefulness of traditional persona analyses? We have! and that’s why we have developed a comprehensive audience analyser that provides a 360-degree view of a particular audience segment.

Momentro’s audience analysis provides you with valuable insights on demographics, sociographics, and behavioral features. We are going even further and letting you know how exactly you can target them, based on which channels, what influencers to work with, and even what hashtags to use.

Competitor analysis is more than comparing the social media stats

We take a more scientific approach when it comes to analyzing competition, where we use our proprietary framework: the Brand Authority Score, which is a better way of understanding the ‘Digital Share of Voice’ of a brand.

With Momentro you can Benchmark yourself and see where your competition is excelling and what your weaknesses are. This module will provide you an understanding of your digital share of voice, brand sentiments, and brand personality.

Harness the power of the creator economy

Today’s consumers don’t listen to generic corporate narratives or brands, rather they listen to other people. Use our AI-powered influence module to figure out who can amplify your brand in a channel-native and audience-native way.

Influence doesn’t necessarily come from mega-influencers, but from micro-influencers, nano-influencers and a wide range of creators. The Momentro Influence Module is the place to figure out your KOL strategy!

Search is where the intent is

Web search is a powerful proxy for people’s intent, what they want to know, what their pain-points are, and what they want to buy. Use the AI-powered intent mapping tools of Momentro to understand the consumer’s mindset and their purchase journey.

We use powerful machine learning tools to better understand consumer intent, and provide valuable and actionable insights for your brand.

The Momentro Way

Consumer behaviour is changing. The marketing funnel is dying. Purchase journeys are non linear. People listen to influencers and not brands. Contextual marketing data is a must have in a marketer’s armory. Figuring out the right brand narrative based on consumer data is the way forward. Understanding your competitors, your target audience, content strategy, influencers and buyer intent is the starting point of any marketing campaign.

Momentro will provide you with all of this and more! Just a few prompts from you and your marketing plan will automatically populate on it’s own.

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